Hair A Technique for Air Drying Your Hair

Hair A Technique for Air Drying Your Hair


hair How to Air Dry Your Hair

Reagan Baker is a hair genius. Today, she’s sharing her proven method for air drying your hair, with lots of volume and no frizz. The very best part? Everything boils down to one simple trick …

First, hair shampoo and condition your hair as you usually would, then brush through the conditioner in the shower. Next, wash your hair to get all the conditioner out, and gently squeeze out the water.

When you’re out of the shower, gently blot with a towel to eliminate any excess water. “The finest way to do this is by cupping your hair with the towel,” Reagan discusses. “Make sure not to shake it backward and forward.” Then, add product based on your type of hair (see below) and scrunch up your hair with the towel.

Finally– and this next part is very essential– never ever touch it again, until it’s totally dry. According to Reagan, not touching it AT ALL is the huge secret to getting hair to air dry nicely “When it’s entirely dry, then you can clutter it,” she states. “You can also put in some product to touch it up, if you ‘d like– at that point, you’re simply area treating.”

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Here are Reagan’s pointers for each hair type:

hair How to Air Dry Your Hair


Hair type: fine, smooth, straight

” For great, silky hair, you wish to include texture,” Reagan describes. To do this, she loves Grandiose mousse by Oribe For Shoko, she used simply a gumball size amount in the roots, for volume. Next, she sprayed Ocean Mist by Sachajuan at the ends, for texture. Lastly, she scrunched her hair, utilizing her hands instead of a towel, and let it dry– without touching it, naturally. What a distinction that makes! “For individuals who have incredibly straight hair, try tucking it behind your ears while it’s drying, and it will offer you a little kick there.”

hair How to Air Dry Your Hair


Hair type: fine, dry, wavy/curly

” My hair is great and curls naturally, so I need to encourage some curl in the roots so it doesn’t fail,” Reagan states. To do this, she sprayed some Ocean Mist by Sachajuan directly in the roots, to include volume. Since her ends are dry, she sprayed some leave-in conditioner at the ends, for added wetness.

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hair How to Air Dry Your Hair


Hair type: coarse, thick, curly

Initially, Reagan sprayed in Curl Restore by Iles, which is good for wavy and curly hair. “It’s a cream-based product, but there’s a little hold in it, so it will prevent frizz without being too heavy or crispy,” she says. Next, she scrunched her hair using the towel and left it to dry.

One last note: “There’s a duration while it’s drying where it looks like it’s actually frizzy,” Reagan states. “However it’s still damp! If you wait till it’s totally dry to touch, all that frizz must disappear.” If you avoid intensifying your hair in any method and are gentle with it throughout, she promises it will work. “It’s going to bring out a lot more texture than you thought you had. Just attempt it!”

What do you think? Do you let your hair air dry? Do you have any other techniques for air drying you’ve found for many years?

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( Photos by Christine Han for Cup of Jo. Makeup by Ashlee Glazer)

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