Jaclyn Hill breaks down in tears and states she is ‘so scared’ to introduce makeup in a new behind-the-scenes video

Jaclyn Hill breaks down in tears and states she is ‘so scared’ to introduce makeup in a new behind-the-scenes video

  • Jaclyn Hill published a video filled with behind-the-scenes footage to Instagram on Thursday.
  • The video reveals Hill crying over the launch of her highlighter collection, too clips from a few of her YouTube videos.
  • The video was seemingly shot throughout 2019, when Hill faced massive reaction online in response to her devastating lipstick launch.
  • In the caption, Hill wrote that she understands she can “be better in the future,” regardless of dealing with “humiliation, embarrassment & dissatisfaction” in 2015.
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Jaclyn Hill is reflecting on the previous year of her life and profession on Instagram.

The YouTuber shared a video on Thursday filled with clips seemingly taken control of the course of2019 At the time, she had actually launched a lipstick line which caused massive reaction online after individuals said the items were damaged and caused infections Despite the debate, she later introduced a successful line of highlighters at the end of the year.

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Hill also shared a composed message about what’s to come in 2020, starting with the line: “2019 was the hardest year of my life for numerous factors.”

Jaclyn Hill’s new Instagram video shows her weeping over her recent highlighter collection

Though the video begins with clips of Hill looking confident and preparing to launch her lipsticks in 2019, it rapidly cuts to screenshots of news posts about the line’s failure. The video transitions once again to concentrate on the creation of her highlighters.

As Hill sobs in an automobile, she can be heard stating: “I’m simply so thrilled since this collection is so gorgeous. Like we’re simply investing so much into it once again. I simply desire it to be amazing. It simply draws because it’s so much more than makeup– it’s my dream.”

She’s then displayed in a conference, where she gets psychological and states: “I’m so scared to release this.”

jaclyn hill meeting

Jaclyn Hill is seen sobbing during a meeting in her brand-new Instagram video.

Jaclyn Hill/Instagram.

The YouTuber likewise assessed the previous year of her profession in the video’s caption

” As you guys all witnessed in 2015, I released my own cosmetic line, which has actually been a dream of mine for soooo long! And it was an overall flop,” Hill composed on Instagram.

” I have actually never felt that kind of humiliation, humiliation & disappointment in myself before,” she continued. ” I totally fell apart. I didn’t understand how to address it, I wished to crawl into a hole & disappear. I’m still embarrassed of the method I handled it, however I’m discovering!”

She continued to say that while she “can’t manage the past,” she believes she can “be better in the future.”

” Thank you to everyone who has actually stayed with me for the past year. You are amazing!!!! I can’t wait for you to see what remains in store for 2020!”

Hill also resolved her rocky 2019 in her latest YouTube video

On Thursday, Hill published a YouTube video called ” MY WINTER SEASON FAVORITES! MAKEUP & MORE!.” The video was shot in December, however uploaded today.

After sharing her preferred beauty products, house items, and snacks, the YouTuber thanked fans for sticking to her during a low point in her career.

” Thank you for everything this year,” Hill stated. “It was the worst year of my life, however I am also so appreciative for the lessons that I have actually discovered in 2019 and can not wait to take those lessons with me into 2020 and that is the state of mind we have to have.”

Agents for Jaclyn Hill did not instantly respond to Insider’s request for remark.

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