Alastair Philip Wiper’s “Unintended Appeal” Photo Book of Industrial Spaces

Alastair Philip Wiper’s “Unintended Appeal” Photo Book of Industrial Spaces

Fascinated with the intersection of industry, science and architecture, British professional photographer Alastair Philip Wiper has visited his share of factories and commercial facilities. His website is filled with pictures revealing his capability for catching the nearly terrifyingly arranged appeal of them:

Unexpected Beauty offers a rare insight into places of work, understanding and power that are usually kept behind closed doors. Unexpected Charm is a photographic expedition of commercial iconography and scientific importance discovered in technical centers in worldwide. The book exposes the unintentional aesthetics, superb complexities and abundant details of our devices – makers that smash atoms together, develop aeroplanes, produce medicine, make shoes, stuff sausages, and more.

Click here to see more of his work, and you can order Unexpected Appeal here

Also, if you’re a B&O fan, take a look at Wiper’s previous book The Art of Difficult: The Bang & Olufsen Design Story

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