Samsung’s designer variation of the Galaxy Z Flip can be yours for just $2,480

Samsung’s designer variation of the Galaxy Z Flip can be yours for just $2,480
All bundled together in a fancy box!
All bundled together in a fancy box!

Image: samsung.

By Brenda Stolyar

Samsung’s most current collapsible phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, can be found in some really cool colors, consisting of mirror black, mirror gold, and mirror purple. However if those aren’t elegant enough for you, maybe the $2,480 Thom Browne edition will be enough.

That price is not a typo.

The Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung’s latest foldable phone. It is available in a clamshell kind factor that opens up to reveal a foldable glass display.

In addition to making the basic Z Flip, Samsung has partnered with American style designer Thom Browne to develop a limited-edition variation. It’s got all the very same hardware and specifications as the standard designs. However it includes a totally various visual.

It does actually look like toothpaste.

It does actually appear like toothpaste.

Image: samsung.

So, what is it that you get for $2,480?

A Galaxy Z Flip with a design that’s modeled after a. match. A Thom Browne fit, that is. The $1,490 sport coat includes the exact same stripes as the phone.

The phone also features a pebbled leather case to protect the glass outside, and a couple of additional accessories, including a Galaxy Watch Active2 (with two wrist straps) and a pair Galaxy Buds– all of which have the very same striped accent as the Z Flip.

I’m a substantial fan of the reflective Z Flip colors, so this design doesn’t do much for me. I likewise saw someone on Twitter compare it to a tube of Aquafresh toothpaste and, like, they’re not wrong.

This edition is likewise clearly for a specific “type,” of person. Sort of like, a “company man who wants to be taken seriously” type. Can you envision the horror that might ensue if he secures a flashy gold or purple phone at a meeting instead of this designer one?

It does not end there.

The phone comes packed with app icons in traditional text and various noise cues, like a typewriter noise for the keyboard (not irritating at all), a shoe tap on a marble flooring (not unusual at all), and a range of various wallpaper.

Because your accessories should always match

Due to the fact that your accessories ought to constantly match.

Image: samsung.

Purchasing the standard designs of all three of these gadgets separately would cost you around $1,758 So, you’ll be paying about $722 more for the Thom Browne edition.

It also comes in an expensive box that you can utilize as a decorative piece for your elegant desk, if you’re attempting to really validate this purchase.

You can buy the Thom Browne Galaxy Z Flip beginning February 14 via Samsung or on the designer’s official website

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